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New! Spinner Attachments for 16 or 32 Inch Teaser Wand Cat Toy
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  • $ 200

NEW! Spinner Toy Attachments for Teaser Wand Cat Toy.

Our new assortment of spinner toy attachments mimic an insect when pulled across a carpet or rug. The concave shape makes the toys tilt and bob as it's pulled along the floor. If your cat likes to chase moths or other insects then she'll love this toy!

Four styles available:

1. Willow Leaf -Hammered Brass 1 3/4" L

2. Oblong - Hammered Brass 1 1/4" L

3. Curvy Fish - Brass 1 5/8" L

4. Iridescent Fish 1 1/4" L

These are spinner attachments only. The wand and lines are available separately.

PLEASE NOTE: Cats love this toy so much that they will want to play with it any chance they get. We strongly recommend putting the toy out of reach of your cat when you are finished playing.

***Always supervise your cat when playing with this toy.***

Please allow up to 3 business days to ship.

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