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Feather Flier Interactive Wand Cat Toy, blue and green
Feather Flier Interactive Wand Cat Toy, yellow and orange

32 Inch Feather Flyer Interactive Wand Toy

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Interactive toys are recommended for providing quality enrichment and exercise for your cat. 

The toy attachments for our wands appeal to your cat's natural instinct to hunt. 

They are also an ideal way for you to bond with your feline friend.

This wand cat toy is made with natural hardwood dowels and hemp twine (dyed with food-grade coloring), making it safe you both you and your cat. 

This wand toy is not like the cheap and flimsy plastic wands. This toy will last for years!

The wand measures 32" long with and an additional 30" of line with toy attachment. The line and toy can be replaced or switched out with another toy. Additional lines and toy attachments are available in our shop.

Choose your color options for the toy.

1. Green & Blue
2. Yellow & Orange

Benefits of our natural wand toys:

~ Strong 20# hemp line.
~ Toy easily detaches from the wand and may be replaced with different toys.
~ Feather toy attachments made from naturally shed feathers making them cruelty-free.

The feathers used in the toy are naturally shed from both local free-range chickens and from parrots at Foster Parrot Rescue of Rhode Island. 

*The feather attachment you receive may vary in color and size from the image shown. *

PLEASE NOTE: Cats love this toy so much that they will want to play with it any chance they get. We strongly recommend putting the toy out of reach of your cat when you are finished playing.

Please allow 2-3 business days to ship.