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Cat Tree House with Hammock
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  • $ 75000

Our new cat tree stands 6 feet tall and has several extra large platforms to provide plenty of space for your cats.

It is made with solid natural basswood and cedar posts and has a sturdy, no-tip design. 

Your cat can snooze on the 25" x 15" hammock or get a little more privacy in the 20" x 13" house which has a solid roof which allows for easy access to the top level.

The hammock and cat house fabric are removable for washing.

Optional rope wrapped ramps help cats access the first platform and cat house. 

The 26” x 26” solid wood base ensures stability and comes with rubber feet for no slip on hard floors or carpet.


  • Solid wood base, platforms and posts
  • Natural northern white cedar from managed forests in Vermont
  • Rope trim around top and bottom of posts, platform and base.
  • Bronze hardware
  • One year limited warranty

Comes with an optional toy attachment which attaches to the floor of the cat house. Toys available here.


Base 26” x 26" x 1.75”
First level, hammock (from top of base) 17", second level platform 24” tall, third level (cat house) 41” tall, top of cat house 51", top platform 69", overall height approx. 72”
Low platform 20” x 13.5”, Cat house 20” x 13” with a 5" veranda.
Top platform 24" x 14" with 3" sides on three sides and a 1" lip at the front.

Approx. weight: 65 Lbs

Our cat trees require easy assembly with a 14mm or 9/16" wrench, Phillip's head screwdriver and a hex key. The hex key and detailed instructions are included. *This cat tree requires two people for part of the assembly process.*

What you can expect when you purchase one of our cat trees:

You can expect this cat tree to last for many years.The cedar posts are natural wood and will likely come with checks (cracks). This is normal and unpreventable and will not affect the integrity of the tree. Cracks may also appear over time. This simply adds more character to the cat tree.

We stand behind our products and guarantee against manufacturers defect for one year from the date of purchase.

Made to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipment.

One year limited warranty                                

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