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New! Teal & White 16 Inch Tassel Teaser Wand Toy
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  • $ 1300

New color!

Interactive toys are recommended for providing quality enrichment and exercise for your cat. The Toy attachments for our wands appeal to the your cat's natural instinct to hunt by mimicking small prey.

Interactive toys are also an ideal way for you to bond with your feline friend.

This wand toy is designed for use in smaller spaces, sitting on a bed or floor.

Our wand toy is made with natural hardwood dowel and hemp twine dyed with food-grade coloring, making it safe you both you and your cat. 

The wand measures 16" long with and an additional 20" of line with toy attachment. 

The toy can be replaced or switched out with another toy. You may purchase additional toy attachments and lines from the our shop.

***Due to the short length of this wand toy, it's not recommended for use with the feather attachment since it won't fly through the air as well as on the 32 Inch Wand Toy.***

Benefits of our wand toys:

~ Cats are attracted to the small size of the tassel which measures approximately 3".
~ Strong 20# hemp line.
~ Line and toy easily detach from the wand and may be replaced. Look for replacement toy attachments and lines in our shop.

Choose your color options for the toy. 

PLEASE NOTE: Cats love this toy so much that they will want to play with it any chance they get. We strongly recommend putting the toy out of reach of your cat when you are finished playing.  

Please allow up to 3 business days to ship.

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