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Flying Feathers for 32 Inch Wand Toy
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  • $ 500

Flying feather toy attachment for our 32 Inch Wand Toy - made with local, non-dyed, naturally shed feathers!

The curved shape of the feathers makes it flutter as it's pulled through the air attracting cats to its lifelike motion.

Our 32 Inch Wand Toy may be used with either feather, tassel or spinner toy. The clip-on line end of the wand makes it easy to switch toys.

***Please note: the color and size of the feather toys will vary***

This feather attachment can be used with any 32 Inch wand toy only. Not recommended for the 16 Inch Wand Toy.

The feathers used in the toy are naturally shed from both local free-range chickens and from parrots at The New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary of RI.

$1.00 of each purchase goes to The New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary of RI.

You can increase the life of this toy by smoothing the feathers out in between cat attacks. Simply run your thumb and index finger down the length of the feather to smooth it out and restore its shape.

PLEASE NOTE: Cats love this toy so much that they will want to play with it any chance they get. We strongly recommend putting the toy out of reach of your cat when you are finished playing.

Sold singly.

Please allow up to three business days for shipment.

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